It is our business to never stop thinking about your business, to expertly address your needs proactively and responsibly, and to know every in and out while never forgetting the big picture.

Our Mission

We are here to provide our clients with the highest quality of service in a timely and cost-effective manner. With our highly trained, professional, yet personable, staff, we are able to ensure that our services are performed in accordance with all required professional standards; yet, we also go the extra mile with our personal attention and commitment to keeping our clients happy.

Our Philosophy

As an accounting and consulting firm, we are creative and innovative in our delivery of services to our clients. We provide the highest quality of professional service in a timely fashion. We contribute to the client’s improved operational efficiency, profitability, performance, legal and tax compliance — and, ultimately, our client’s overall mission.

Gueye & Associates, CPA understands the vital relationships existing between finance, economics, accounting, management, and compliance – and combines this knowledge with imagination and creativity. This concept separates our firm from others – giving our clients the expertise to be successful in business today and helping them develop a clear vision for tomorrow.

From the quality of our approach to the personal attention we give to your business needs, you will feel the difference in every aspect of our service. We know we have to do what is best for you and do it better than anyone else. We want you as a client and we have the knowledge, experience, and professional staff to help you succeed.